We proceed with our works to be a sample pioneering company directing the sector from the day one. We give special importance to individual and professional improvement of our team mates in order both to serve better to our customers/clients and to support the human resources’ need of the sector.

Our utmost wish for our team mates is to embrace the professional values gained from us and contribute the development of the sector, regardless they continue with us or not.

While we foresee our human resource as “strategical advantage”, our adopted motto “Human resource is our indispensable fortune.” makes the base of our human resources policy.

We formalise our human resources policy not for the short but for a long run targets of the Company. Therefore, the contendedness and sense of belonging of the team mates are an unchangeable constituent of our human resources vision.

MEYCON employees who are dynamic, open to changes and innovation, and aware of the potential to develop themselves and business become part of a team of sustaining development and creativity in which the efforts are appreciated and success is rewarded from the day one.

At the end of the day, we aim to be the most preferred employer by our development oriented and productive people in the sector.