Having over 30 years’ experience, MEYCON’s mission is to manage the contracts of all public and private companies successfully and away from disguised costs and to protect their rights in both domestic and overseas arena.

We sincerely wish to increase your competitive power and to be your solution partner with the advantage of MEYCON’s all global and local experience, by anticipating the risks and opportunities that may arise in the lifecycle of a project and managing your business with necessary planning and preliminary preparation.

As MEYCON, we would like to accompany you for the successful management of your Contracts, especially in the following matters:

  • Increasing profitability and time efficiency by managing coordination and control from a single center as your solution partner in contract management
  • Strategic planning of the loss-gain relationship that you may encounter
  • Effective management of contractual obligations through time-cost analysis
  • Good management of your financial & financing contracts; relation of project financing and corporate loans
  • Good management of your Financing and Funding Processes (pre-assessment, negotiation, structuring, allocation and follow-up etc.) in terms of detailed Contract Management Services
  • Managing the contracts accurately not through only legal points of view, but using financial and engineering approaches
  • Delivery of technical, financial and legal consultancy services tailored to your company with our team expert in their fields
  • Planned and controlled management of the probable costs of risks
  • Effective management of costs of arbitration and judicial processes
  • Managing the dispute processes with negotiations and/or dispute adjudication boards (DAB) effectively by minimizing the financial and time losses and maximizing the benefits
  • Making technical, engineering and legal studies that will serve as a basis for the legal process and strengthen the defenses in the event of the disputes being resolved through legal procedures (Arbitration and/or Litigation)

On the other hand, while executing your business, timely intervention by MEYCON to probable problems with the following Parties and the minimization of probable losses will be your most important gains via MEYCON:

  • Employers and Consultants
  • Partners
  • Subcontractors and Suppliers
  • Laws and Regulations – Public Authorities
  • Creditors and Financial Institutions

In this context, we are always pleased to be there for you and offer our services.

Our Mission

  • To identify the needs of the customers in Contract Management at the optimum by the specialist staff in our organization.

  • To ensure that contracts of the customers are managed competitively, without bearing any disguised costs, and in accordance with current laws and regulations through raising awareness on contract management.

  • To resolve any problems customers may encounter at any phase of their projects by providing continuous support all the time.

Our Vision

As a pioneering company in contract management, to raise the awareness in this field and to have the customers utilize our services in full confidence in all their projects.